Ageism ~ Slow to Catch On

Downside of fame burns
Price ahead protection pay
Writer pseudonym 
No more trust you-uns kind words
Sad learn hackers – predators


Although I have my blog on ‘approval needed’ lockdown, 
I never realized potential for harm via connection with
other branches of social media. 

It’s unfortunate, I’m faced with a new problem which
requires my examination of writing under a pseudonym, 
a fictitious name, a practice used by writers and movie stars. 


2 thoughts on “Ageism ~ Slow to Catch On

    1. I wish I’d done same from start. I’m having a most difficult time selecting a new name 😂😂 Recently I started to respond to comments using the app and this evening it seems the like star wasn’t blue on previous posts. What a day 😂 no internet connection- guess I’ll have to contact the cable company for a credit since doubtful they’ll automatically give people a refund. Life is chock full of surprises 😧

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