A Virtual Friend’s Video Interpretation ~ A Mother

Dear Sis:
I came to speak to those who seem to think that Moms
are just Moms.
Well baby, let me let you in on who we really are:
We’re alarm clocks.
We’re bathroom attendants.
We’re hairdressers.
We’re personal stylists.
We’re cooks.
We’re nannies.
We’re housekeepers.
And that’s all before we get ourselves together in the morning.
We’re physicians with no PhD, but we can heal wounds.
We’re lawyers with no degree, but we can mediate between siblings
that can’t seem to get along and sometimes adults who act like kids
We are chefs that can pull together a meal scratch from the refrigerator.

We’re accountants that can make money stretch.
We are strong women who can hide our stress.

We are all the things you don’t even see at night.
We are the strong weapons who God ordained for this position.

We ain’t just a mother and you better not let that come out of your
mouth again.
Let me tell you who we are, “We are a Superwoman!

Imagine all those words and more in 60 seconds or less.

Memory Lane takes me back to my younger years when I held
the position of Financial Typist at Dun & Bradstreet. 

I’m definitely out of practice at WPMs and transcribing dictation.

The former perfectionist would have continued to finish rather
than head to the kitchen for lunch.

It’s likely any reader who is a mother can relate. It’s called Reality Talk.

That’s all Folks!

3 a.m. Thoughts

Three D’s (dealbreakers)
Deceit death divorce

Three M’s (roles in life held)
Miss Mrs. Mother

Three T’s (feelings experienced)
Traumatized threatened tediousness

Why do 3 a.m. thoughts have to be about above?

To escape blasphemous uninvited PTSD transient
train of thoughts I quickly transported myself
For fun I did a few rounds of ‘homonym’ quizzes.
Each one I scored 5 out of 5 which put me in the
‘smart’ category.

It appears testing one’s grammatical skills (even
during early a.m. hours) proves beneficial.

Tired brain and back to sleep for a few more hours.