A-To-Z Challenge: April 2022

Fellow Bloggers . . .

Today, April 2nd, 2022, the A-to-Z challenge appeared before me.
I couldn’t find any hyperlinks, so I figured I’d wing it and play the
game catch-up with the alphabet.
Recently I returned to the art of crochet.
Former searches of this topic showed few results.
This would be an opportunity to share my renewed interest.
At this time, I’d like to do ‘my theme reveal’ as ‘Art of Crochet’.


Tasks done standing in place
Thoughts travelling embrace
Transfer book commonplace

Dishes wash prior prevalent
Discipline self-time sufficient
Deservingness idea contingent

Day heretofore enjoyable
Day blatantly miserable
Day penned words downright struggle

Die-hard sage tinkers poem constant
Decision major or minor adjustments
Discernment aesthetic blog post pleasant