A-To-Z Challenge: Letter ‘A’

The ‘Art of Crochet’, aesthetic beauties delicately crafted, appealed to me
back in the ’60s.

A pattern, several skeins of yarn, the correct size crochet hook, a yarn needle
and scissors were all the basics supplies required to master this ‘easier than
knitting’ hobby.

Renewed interest 2022 = ALWAYS MORE TO LEARN!!

Today I’ll share with you some of the basic ‘abbreviations’ beneficial to the
beginner crocheter.

CH – chain stitch ~ used to begin most projects
SC – single crochet ~ easiest stitch
DC – double crochet
MC – main color
CC – contrast color
TC – treble crochet
SK – skip a stitch
YO – yarn over
FO – fasten off
SL ST – slip stitch
INC – increase
DEC – decrease
REP – repeat – usually found with instructions in parentheses

Above are some of which I used and now I’m learning new ones. Imagine!!

Advice to newbies:  Quality stitches are achieved over time with lots of practice.

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