A-To-Z Challenge: Letter ‘D’

Dare I Complain Day

The words I remember from years ago beginning with the letter ‘D’, 
mere residents amid absolute foreign ones – an eyeopener for me.

When you refrain from participation in a hobby for years all the
changes that occurred could cause one to fall into despair. 

I remembered the letter ‘D’ in regard to decrease a stitch, double
crochet, double treble and dye lots of yarn. 

In my new stitch dictionary, the index lists 16 new ‘D’ words and
I’m interested to learn about ‘Dots and Diamonds’.

Yesterday I opened up my new book to view the sample stitches
and found a huge surprise along with the pictures = charts with

No idea when they came into play; however, I like to learn so
I’ll do my research.

Today’s letter from the alphabet buffet ‘words crochet’ sadly
found me in state of disarray.
Letter ‘E’ scheduled for tomorrow hope overnight to sharpen
my skills = purvey.