Word: Lucky

People usually associate the word ‘lucky’ with good fortune.

Hmm – quite opposite scenarios . . .

A mornin’ read ’bout 400 people who ‘allege’ they became ill,
experiencing gastrointestinal issues, not long after consuming
a bowl of cold breakfast cereal. The brand’s name contained
aforementioned adjective.

Some ‘alleged’ their poop turned green (OMG) and unknown
to me there’s actually a website ‘Iwaspoisoned’.

My thoughts turned back in time to a hilarious incident.
I had no experience with fish nor did I own an aquarium.

Returning after school from a field trip my child greeted me
holding a plastic bag filled with clear water and ‘one’ orange
colored goldfish.

She named it ‘Lucky’ and fortunately Mom had a spare round
bowl, its’ new home within a home.

Time to give ‘Lucky’ a room-by-room tour.

And then the ‘unexpected’ happened . . .

The bowl slipped out of her hands and in horror Mom
and brother watched the petite goldfish meet with the
kitchen floor.

Followed was a touch of humor – sounds of giggles as
kids watched the tiny creature dance the belly-flop in a
puddle of water.

What to do?? Question of that day!!

A quick transfer to another bowl with regular tap water.

Neither being dropped in mid-air nor normal H2o for
fish was ‘luck’.

Learning lessons . . .

First the shock landing and second unfiltered water sadly
shortened the lifespan of one goldfish.

Out of the mouths of kids: “Lucky wasn’t so ‘lucky’ after all.”