It’s time for me to pick a fictitious name in order to tell
my story, hopefully in an untraceable manner void of
outside interference with end result cathartic finally.

I rarely write explicitly with regard to personal life. I have
placed content within poems – no actual reveals. This allows
readers vast room for thoughts.

If I can help even one person who has experienced same
or similar I feel I’ll have accomplished what I originally set
out to do before I became sidetracked, questioning myself
and overthinking.

Why should I ~ Why shouldn’t I . . . It’s 100 percent truth.

When is Enough = Enough?

Today’s word prompt: long

express true feelings
taught them traits kindness concern
strangers surprised facts
changeless absence socials whys
first last face-to-face last first

genuine love show
years sacrifices dole-out
difference opinion speaks
automatic classified
negative female parent

to another y’all bequeath
rewards lifetime unworthy
mind-bending long time
secrets held protect loved ones
love bankruptcy birthright Mom