A-To-Z Challenge: Letter ‘F’

All handmade crafts have a starting point, a foundation from which
to build upon.
In crochet the chain stitch is where the magic of the art begins.
Patterns have a designated number of these stitches and it’s
important (especially for beginners) to pay close attention to the
pattern requirements.
The stitches in the foundation chain shouldn’t be too tight nor too
loose. The idea is to try to keep them uniform which comes with a
bit of practice.
Once all stages of a project are completed, it’s time to finish off.
To finalize it’s best to cut the yarn a good six inches following
completion of the final row.
Draw this end (tail) through the last loop remaining on the hook.
Your project is now secure from unraveling and all that’s left is to
weave that end within prior stitches (hide it).