A-To-Z Challenge: Letter ‘G’

Grannie Square(s)

Worked from the center outwards the grannie square, unlike other
crochet patterns, has no set gauge nor hook size.
The yarn choices range from crochet cotton to bulky.
My preference is Red Heart 4 ply acrylic as wool would make me
Squares can be worked in one specific color or several colors by
adding contrast colors.
When the desired number of individual squares has been completed,
the crocheter can join them in two different ways (crocheted together
or stitched together with a yarn needle).
Grannie squares are a great way to use up leftover yarn.
There are hundreds of square variations to choose from and numerous
YouTube channels to assist newbies to intermediate crocheters with
visual Step-by-Step by instructions.
The sky is the limit to the crafter’s creativity.

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