A-To-Z Challenge: Letter ‘H’

The two most common types of crochet hooks are the yarn hook and the
thread hook.

Yarn hooks are made from various materials with all having the same basic

There are five parts to a hook.

The head hooks the yarn enabling the crocheter to grab and slide the yarn
in and out of a project as per pattern requirements.

Moving downward is the throat of the hook which extends from the head
to the working area. Be wary of working your stitches in this slanted area as
they’ll be way too tight.

Next is the most important part of the hook ‘the working area’, the straight
part of the hook where stitches are formed to designated size.

Following is the finger hold, an indented place a crocheter can place the
thumb. Stitches should never be formed in this area; they will be way too

The shaft is the last portion of the hook where the crocheter’s hand rests
while working on a project.

Hooks are made from plastic, metal (aluminum) and wood (bamboo inclusive).
Each has its advantages and disadvantages thus it’s the individual’s choice
usually based on the type of yarn, habits and preferences.

In the past I always chose aluminum hooks.

The size of hooks range in both diameter and length with two basic types,
inline and shaped.

You’ll find both metric (mm) and letter/number listed on the finger hold
portion of the hook. The most popular hooks for me were/are: ‘H’, ‘I’, ‘J’
and ‘K’.

In comparison to years ago there’s more of a selection and curious me
purchased both an ergonomic aluminum hook for comfort and a huge
plastic one to experiment.

US ‘T’

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