A-To-Z Challenge: Letter ‘J’

When working on a project it’s best to ‘join’ new yarn (same or
contrast color) at the end of the row rather than in the middle
making the join less noticeable.

Join your new yarn by first making a slip knot and placing it
on the hook. Next insert the hook into the first stitch on the
row then draw new yarn through both slip stitch and slip knot.
Continue stitching along the row.
Remember to leave a good size tail from previous row’s yarn
(fastened off) to weave into your project.

The crocheter can use this method with any stitch pattern.

A-To-Z Challenge: Letter ‘I’

A crochet pattern often requires the crafter to ‘increase’ stitches.

Simply defined = add two stitches into one within a row per

The extra stitch can be placed at the beginning, the end, in the
middle portion or even every other stitch.

Whenever you Increase stitches, you accomplish a different shape

Pay close attention to your pattern’s instructions. Increases often  
are repeated and the instructions are written between parentheses.

Instructions with illustrations prove to be quite beneficial and now a 
beginner to the craft can access and subscribe to YouTube channels,
technological wonders for free.