A-To-Z Challenge ~ Letter ‘K’

K: Crocheter’s Starter Kit

A crochet starter kit is a great present for a friend who has experienced
the desire to learn the craft.

Choose a nice basket preferably one with a handle. It doesn’t have to be
Place within it the following items (tools) of the art of crochet.

1. A few skeins of a well-known brand of yarn. Acrylic yarn has a vast
selection of colorful hues, is non-sensitive to skin and the learner will
find it works stitches with ease.
2. Two different size hooks – H (5:00mm) and J (6:00mm) are good
size selections.
3. Scissors
4. Yarn (a.k.a. tapestry) needles to weave in ends. They are available
in steel and plastic.
5. Stitch markers (inexpensive) are quite helpful for counting stitches
or rows.
6. An easy instructional booklet with illustrations.
7. Remember to place a bow on the handle along with a nice gift card.