Three Things Challenge #949

Today’s words:  mouthwatering – tantalize – tease 

If you enjoy mouthwatering seafood, you’ll be in for a huge
tease when you scan popular restaurants menus and find
never-seen-before sky-high prices, tantalize.


3 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge #949

    1. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Di…dining out is quite expensive. If correct your Euro dollar equals a few pennies more in US. I live across the river from the capital of 19th ‘Century Whaling Industry’. I checked prices for lobster at one popular restaurant known for its seafood. Lobster (stuffed) $39.00, (naked) $34.00 and lobster roll $25.00. – all served with potatoes/fries and vegetables. Some restaurants took lobster off their menu temporarily while others offered up a substitute of shrimp (similar in flavor). There appears to be a shortage of the scavenger of the sea. Pizza?? 😊😊


      1. Fish and chips used to be a cheap meal. My sister and her husband had lobster at a restaurant some years bank and it cost £95 (nearly US$120 today). We used to have a steak meal for about £10 including fries and vegetables/salad. An 8oz steak is now around £18.
        We used to get a 14 inch pizza for around a fiver from Dominos. We haven’t had one since we sold the boat so have no idea how much they are now.
        We like our Greggs takeaway pastries for just over £1.50 though!!

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