Babies: Web Search Results

Yesterday I read a blog post written ’bout one of the five stages of grief,
I placed a like on the post, refrained from comment as I sat and reflected
on my own life’s hardships.

The question: ‘How many children do you have?’ asked in person, answer
required on resumes and employment applications, questionnaires, etc.
I’ve always found a bit baffling with response.

I wanted to know the correct reply, so this morn was off to Google search.
In record time I found:

A stillbirth doesn’t count as there is no birth certificate. Although I
was pregnant four times and delivered four children, I should answer the
question asked above with the number ‘three’. I understand the
concept only to actually respond void of one seems like an insult to

On a positive note, I discovered I gave birth to three different categories
of babies.

The descriptive adjectives all revolve around the brother who never
breathed outside the womb.

1. My daughter, forever 28, is considered a ‘sunshine’ baby, a child born
before the loss.
2. My son, born on the exact same date as his brother near exact to the
minute, two years later is referred to a as a ‘rainbow’ baby, the symbol
of renewal and hope.
3. Last is the ‘angel’ baby, the stillbirth – stillborn. 

Child number four born late in life I’ve always made reference to as
my ‘surprise package’.


I’m perturbed as no idea how my text turned red without my hitting the
color tab.

I think I’ll chuckle, hit the publish button and see what happens. 😊🤣