Three Things Challenge #970

today’s prompt words:  unwell – sickly – pallor

pallor turn sheet white
unwell monthly female curse
signs sickly legit
puberty experience
pre-teen forewarned uncertain

5 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge #970

    1. You’re welcome, Di ~ my pleasure. It was okay (not best – not worst). I enjoyed a slice of pound cake topped with vanilla ice cream. If correct your special day was the 13th.
      Wishin’ you a belated birthday since I was MIA for several days. ğŸ°ğŸ¨ğŸŽˆğŸ’


      1. Thanks! Glad you had cake. I did too…….. three of them!
        I shared one with our neighbours, cut the large one I’d bought specially to take round to other neighbours, and then Hubby and I had the third in two sittings. Our anniversary was the 10th and my birthday 12th. so double celebrations. I had a terrific day. I am now officially a pensioner and my free bus pass arrived today!!

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