The Monday Peeve ~ Dormant

Doormat ‘people pleaser’ e’er since can remember

D istractions – constant
O bligations – constant
R egulations – constant
M otivation  Рwaxes and wanes
A pprehension – doubts ‘reality’ or ‘pipedream’
N egations – lack of interest and support of my endeavors
T ransformation – hopeful become a ‘free thinker’ – wishful thinkin’

People prefer to be around those who emit positivity (be it real or fake).
Unfortunately. I’ve been forced to live in the house of reality – its’ foundation
laid by others.
Sometimes a smile is genuine; other times tis fake (learned how to dismiss
my own true feelings).
Left alone (pretty much) to fend for myself doesn’t exactly make me the
happy camper.
I don’t want sympathy from people rather I wish they understood how difficult
it can be to always feign happiness when you are miserable.