Homophones ~ Gray and Grey

Words that sound alike and spelled different create confusion.

Imperative to solve the mystery of ‘gray vs. grey’ usage in the
world of color I finally did a quick Google search.

It appears each of the two have the same meaning only are
spelled differently – what a dilemma.

‘Gray’ is quite common in the United States and ‘grey’ signifies
the color in other English-speaking countries.

Puzzle solved and now I know why the squirrel in my Fairyland
App garden is proceeded by the adjective ‘grey’.

Many of the ladies who play this game are from the United Kingdom.

What is your preferred spelling of this word used mostly as an
adjective and sometimes used as a noun or verb in your country?

One Letter per Week ~ M

Place:  Maine
Emotion: malaise
Adjective: mature
Verb: munch
My animal: moose

During the autumn season in the Northeast region of the United States,
hunters from far away, as well as residents, travel to the state of Maine
in hopes of securing a moose, one allowed per hunter.

A moose is considered to be the largest and heaviest member of the
existing deer family. The top weight listed for a mature adult male is
1,500 lbs. and females weigh in between 440 to 1,100 lbs.

It’s amazing an animal whose diets consists of daily munch, munch on
woody vegetation is known to produce high protein meat.

Whenever I think about slaughtering animals, other than cattle-chickens
and pigs) malaise overcomes me.


Blogging Insights ~ NF ~ #43


Prompt quote: “The desire to work well cannot be fulfilled without hard work.”

~ Dean Koontz

This is a quote I agree with wholeheartedly.

Little in life can be achieved without prior planning, sacrifices of one’s time and
a check and balance attitude.

The only way to be successful in any commitment you undertake is to do your
homework, a task learned way back in school.

Students who received the good grades and high honors were those who put
in the time, ‘did the assignment well’.

Double Take ~ Saturday Mix ~ June 25th

prompts: homophones (real, reel and sale, sail)

Recently I learned ‘how to create’ Instagram reels, a
challenge I first considered fun.

Fakes are everywhere.
I’ve always liked living in the real world and usage of filters
in attempts to keep me youthful didn’t exactly resonate well
with me.

Months ago, I downloaded a free app which allows me to
emit emotions through personal avatars and chosen songs.
On occasion I take advantage of sale items.

I fancy these tech dolls. Sad to admit the only dolls dating
back to my own childhood were paper ones.

Many times, I wish I could sail away to some exotic island
and begin life anew. This crazy notion would require a new
mindset since I’m petrified of water – never learned how to


SoCS ~ June 25th

Today’s prompt:  produce – product

Changing directions is often the anecdote for one’s disturbing issues.

In order to succeed in any creative genre, one has to produce quality


Investing time in restructuring (weighing options, strengths, weaknesses

and strategies) could result in a much better finished product.

* Remain hopeful. *