A Letter a Week ~ L

place:  Le Jardin de Juin – Fairyland’s app virtual garden
emotion:  love
adjective:  lackadaisical
verb:  laugh
my animal:  lemur

Twelve years, 9 months ago I accessed the Fairyland app, a virtual garden
recommended to me by my son.
I named it ‘Le Jardin de Juin’, June’s garden.
Inclusive in the Bio was my ‘forever 28’ daughter’s childhood nickname,
‘Tuffi McGuffi’.

Anyone who tends a garden, real-life or virtual, should know it’s best not
to have a lackadaisical attitude.

Within my heart there’s always been love for nature (flowers and critters).

One difference between the real-life garden and a virtual one is the type of
critters who visit (time-place-food source). 

A virtual garden has a few fringe benefits: There’s no need for garden gloves.
Hands remain clean and smooth since they never are in actual dirt. The tender
of the garden will never suffer from sore knees nor complain of an aching back.

Each morn I look forward to reading messages left by other players who’ve
visited my garden the previous day.  Often follows a hearty laugh in response
to emojis and written words.

In 2012 I completed all ‘eight’ levels on the app and now when playing
mostly with UK gals am moving higher up in bonus levels by the number
of diamonds accumulated daily. 

A lemur, a wet-nosed primate native to the island of Madagascar, considered
to be an endangered species if spotted earns the app player more gems than
the usual norm.


4 thoughts on “A Letter a Week ~ L

  1. This is great, looks like so much fun. I’m playing penguin island at the moment. You get prizes for photographing the penguins 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. 😊 Yes, it is fun. Some of the players ‘like me’ have been onboard for years. I love when the seasons (Halloween & Christmas my favs) lots of fun, game within a game per se, and best part all free by earning coins and diamonds. No need for purchases unless you wish more critter visitors from ‘Superfood’. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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