Double Take ~ Saturday Mix ~ June 25th

prompts: homophones (real, reel and sale, sail)

Recently I learned ‘how to create’ Instagram reels, a
challenge I first considered fun.

Fakes are everywhere.
I’ve always liked living in the real world and usage of filters
in attempts to keep me youthful didn’t exactly resonate well
with me.

Months ago, I downloaded a free app which allows me to
emit emotions through personal avatars and chosen songs.
On occasion I take advantage of sale items.

I fancy these tech dolls. Sad to admit the only dolls dating
back to my own childhood were paper ones.

Many times, I wish I could sail away to some exotic island
and begin life anew. This crazy notion would require a new
mindset since I’m petrified of water – never learned how to

5 thoughts on “Double Take ~ Saturday Mix ~ June 25th

  1. I had a few baby dolls when I was a kid, then of course Barbie dolls. I still loved playing with paper dolls, though. I don’t know that I’d like sailing in a boat – water doesn’t bother me, but I’m scared of fish! We used to go to yard sales on the weekends, and we’d just call it ‘sale-ing’. haha! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Di 😊 Something cute ~ earlier when I was writing one of my FB messages on the cell phone read: “Dee’s dogs make me happy 😊” It seems that the city across from me was Live on FB. The message (although different name spelling) reminded me of you.

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