Sunday Poser #89

Question posed this week:

“What makes you want to comment on a post?

Answers in no particular order:
1. If I enjoy the content of the blogger’s post, I’ll leave a short positive

2. During my tenure in Blogosphere I’ve met some truly nice individuals.
A few have become great virtual friends and I look forward to their posts
and shared comments.

3. I enjoy reading blog posts on topics of interest to me and on occasion
took time to read rather lengthy ones and thankful for newly acquired

If a blogger interjects too many ‘big words’ which require me to access
my dictionary continually to comprehend the basics of the storyline then
(sorry, adios – my time is precious to me).

Over a period of months if I leave nice comments and never receive even
a ‘Thank you’ eventually I choose to bypass the blogger’s posts.
Either said individual lacks knowledge of blogging etiquette or worse case
scenario is the typical narcissist who desires lots of praise and offers no
feedback in return.

When time allots, I now delete bloggers from my follow list who meet
the aforementioned descriptions contained within my last two paragraphs.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #89

    1. Thanks, Sadje.
      I agree 💯
      Sometimes, we learn lessons the hard way.
      For decades I was a people pleaser – no more though.
      Funny and also a bit strange is now I don’t feel guilty with a polite no thank you nor treating another in the manner they choose to treat me.
      I hope your foot is feeling better and you’re a bit more mobile. 💛💖

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      1. You’re most welcome my friend! You’re so right that once we get past this feeling that everyone should like us, we are liberated.
        My foot is healing Day by day. Thanks a lot for asking

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  1. Well I comment on every blog I read to show my genuine appreciation. I know how hard it is to make a blog, so I drop a comment to acknowledge that hardwork.
    Generally I understand if someone is reading my blog or not. I mean, if I receive 10 likes in 5 secs, then obviously that person hasn’t read my blog. In that case, I care less about them, because they want a follow back.
    I also observe how people treat their readers. I see if the author has a conversation in the comments section with the readers, then there’s some sense in commenting. If blogger hasn’t responded to the comments. I avoid such sites.
    My simple maths is, you give me, I give you back more. If someone’s showing their love on my blog regularly. I will read their stuff no matter what.
    I have notification on for certain sites(this included), so that I don’t miss their blogs.

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    1. 🙋🏻‍♀️ friend,
      In response to your feedback, I find you practice the rules of blogging etiquette.
      You’re so correct, to publish a good blog post takes lots of time and effort.
      I agree with the ‘spamming’ of one’s posts by another blogger in search of more followers.
      On social media apps we creators find this to be quite an insult and for certain none of us will follow those supposed fans.
      Observation in the comments section is a good idea; it shows how often there is interaction betwixt two bloggers and good rapport.
      I’m with you: ‘Friendship is a two-way street even in Blogosphere’. 😊😊

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