Three Things Challenge ~ M34

This week’s theme is PERSONAL

Today’s words are: single – individual – alone

Living alone often is a challenge, especially for the senior citizen.
You are one individual responsible for nearly everything, a huge
to-do task.
IMO ‘single status’ is far from what people think it’s cracked up
to be.

Loneliness is associated with a number of health risks.Β 
Who knew?
A fact I recently read in several medical articles states that
loneliness is comparable to a person smoking 15 cigarettes
per day.Β

8 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge ~ M34

    1. πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Di,
      Yes, cigarettes are quite a strange comparison.
      There are so many studies done (some unnecessary), too.
      Majority of the time I read over and over the same health risks.
      This one was odd and different.
      People still smoke. I do wonder how they afford the cigarettes that sell for $10 and higher.


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