Thirst for Wealth Could Leave One Broke

A lottery win is every player’s dream.

The odds of winning a jackpot are ‘near zero’.

There are a number of manners in which to play the lottery.

One can choose their own numbers or opt to have a little fun with scratch tickets.

Tickets can be purchased at gas stations, local supermarkets and most convenience

On occasion amid grocery shopping and errands frugal me often treats herself to
a few.

My preference is word puzzle cards which are offered for sale in several different
denominations. The enjoyment for me is more in finding words which takes more
time compared to other tickets thus extending my period of enjoyment.

Yesterday the last stop of the day was the convenience store where the store clerks
know their regular customers.

The store was packed already with more people entering, and the clerk who
had no available assistant handled the situation with finesse.
Being the son of the store’s owner and employed there for years has advantages
in customer service.

He chose to tend first to all customers purchasing food items with cards and
leave the lottery players to last. There was good reason for his decision.

Before me in line stood a foreigner who weekly spends a wad of cash on the
fool’s dream. While tending to customers the clerk was running the man’s
‘choose your own numbers’ tickets thru the lottery machine.

I couldn’t believe the grand total = ‘$408.00‘.
It’s amazing the machine didn’t overheat.

Following the lengthiest transaction I’ve ever witnessed the foreigner asked for
scratch tickets from the back wall display.

When he left the clerk stated, “a sickness, he’s not going to win, and he’ll be back
again Tuesday” to lose more cash.

Besides the thought of ‘what a waste’ I wondered what this lottery player did
in the workforce.

I know that if one doesn’t play there’s no chance to win, yet to lose such an
exorbitant amount of money would certainly leave me in a devastated state.

Playing the lottery is okay until it becomes an addiction then family suffers.

6 thoughts on “Thirst for Wealth Could Leave One Broke

  1. We did the lottery every week when it was first introduced here in the UK and won nothing until the weekend my Dad died in 1996 and we won £10. The second tenner we won was when FIL died in 2004 so we switched the the Euromillions. We had more luck and won a few pounds most weeks.
    Then it all went up and we stopped doing it.

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      1. We won ten pounds on those occasions so about $12. Certainly didn’t cover what we’d spent, and it’s even more expensive now at £2 per ticket when it was originally £1 and now harder to win as they have included more numbers. There are so many offshoots too with Thunderball, Euromillions, scratch cards. All money makers for the organisers.

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      2. Yes, the clerks tell me there are less winners these days.
        True also there are more scratch tickets to select from and many are high-priced and not worth taking a chance on losing one’s money.

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