Six Sentence Story ~ 223

prompt:  path

It’s a new morn, another scorcher, summer 2022’s forever heatwave.
I stack my daily supply of 8-ounce bottles of water to consume
throughout the day on the kitchen table which shows dire need of
sanding, stain and sealant.
Uninterested in normal staging for a photo I snapped the camera
and the picture reveals bottled H2o atop a bare table void of usual
placemats or tablecloth to hide one more project on my bucket list.

Time to write a post I set my cell phone down to the left of me on the
computer desk.
I assume I hit somewhere on the phone by accident because my photos
without warning continually swiped from left to right then stopped on
one containing a reminder message for me, a task I dread which needs
to be done with correct selective words.

I admit this morning’s experience freaked me out, yet it also instilled
the memorandum of a most sad imperative undertaking  still ahead
for me to succeed on the path from title, ‘IWannaBe’ to actual
attaining the goal I’ve set for myself.

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