SoCS: September 17th

Today’s prompt:  ‘ring’

It’s a bit sad whenever reminiscing the simplicity of yesteryears.
Do you miss the sound of the landline phones – hear the ring?
I do.
Cell phones, technology’s replacement, to me at times are a mere
Do you like those constant notification dings from early morn to
whatever time you turn your phone off at night?
I don’t particularly care for them.
I’m aware you can shut them off; however, most people keep them
And lo and behold you can set individual ringtones for different folks.
You’ll know who the caller is and choose to accept or allow the call to
go to voicemail.
You’re in traffic and you hear the assigned ring from a friend, do you
answer it?
If you’re smart, you’ll choose to keep your eyes on the road.
I pretend I’m back-in-the-day when away from home I wasn’t bothered
with constant ring, ding and ring.

SoCS: September 3rd

This week’s prompt: ‘why’

one-word question, ‘why
acknowledgements fantastic
wisdom awareness

From youthful high school days, I remember the words one English teacher
shared with her class, basic knowledge on writing favorable outstanding essays.

Ironically, these same words appeared in an extremely helpful app I utilize
for writing assistance when I tapped on the similar words portion and typed
in the word ‘why‘.

Imagine my surprise to read the following quote: “A good article will cover the
who, the what, the when, the where, the ‘why‘ and the how.”

Before I close a little ‘down memory lane’ humor . . .


consistent question
determined children ask ‘why’
game or knowledge search
interesting fun ’til Mom’s
because I said so, that’s why