written for TMP76 ~ Portal Schmortal


today’s prompt:  portal

Is constant change bothersome to you?
My answer to that question in recent years is ‘yes’.

Do you ever take a hiatus from social media inclusive e-mails?
For my emotional health and to work on self-care I chose to
remain offline for a brief period.

Upon return I was overwhelmed to learn of all that transpired
during my absence.
An example, reason it’s imperative to continually keep track
of current events, was change of the Patient Portal which took
place at the medical facility where I’ve been a patient for
several years.

I had no prior knowledge of the change therefore when I
attempted to access my records I faced quite a dilemma.
The username and password were defunct.

There were directions to create a new account which when
followed didn’t exactly work. Thankfully direct contact with a
real person, not an automated menu, resolved the problem.


5 thoughts on “S~U~R~P~R~I~S~E

    1. True, these days it appears one is their own best doctor. Here, we have from October 15th until December 7th to make changes to our coverage then we are locked in for another year. I just received my booklet to read over about the upcoming 2023 changes. Oh fun.

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    1. Yes, especially since I’d seen the doctor in the interim. When I checked my e-mails there was none informing me of the change.
      Also, the lab results on food allergies had disappeared. Luckily, I have them copied to present to an allergist.
      It’s sad when one has to oversee records.
      I don’t understand the medical system these days.

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