SoCS ~ October 29th

Today’s prompt:  ‘element

Are you a blogger who sees a prompt and writes with the flow of first thoughts that
come to mind?
Do you second guess, check for definitions and access the internet because you
wish to always perform at your best, a.k.a. ‘a perfectionist’?

My answer to the above questions posed is: “I do both”.

When I read this week’s Socs prompt my mind wandered to: “I seem to be operating
out of my element“.

What on earth does that statement mean I asked myself. A little bit of research and
wow a prime description of me throughout the past month.

I’m unhappy for many reasons and tired of the struggle to combat every
problem I’m forced to face with no on-the-scene assistance.

I wasn’t certain what in the world had come over me. In comparison to years of
determination I started to care less even to the point of self-sabotaging process
of WIP projects.

I suddenly had no desire to write other than friendly e-mails.
To replace writing I started listening to podcasts, tried out a few fancy
crochet stitches found on youTube channels and utilized my
Kindle Reader.

Alas, six weeks ago, I joined a group I felt would be beneficial to me.
I engaged in several scheduled hourly chats. All the participants in the
chats were nice and in the same predicament as I.

Then it happened infiltration of members who didn’t exactly belong
in the group and problems.

At that point I made the decision, ‘no thanks’ nope I don’t wish to share
nor discuss personal issues with any of them.

Although the admins did an excellent job of reporting the infiltrators I
unfollowed the group without giving any notice of reason.

Fortunate for me the female admin with whom I’d had several audio
chats (not scheduled chat sessions), quite concerned contacted me.

Who knew a virtual stranger from a different state within good old
USA would actually care.

Yes, amid the country’s present turmoil there still are nice individuals.

After some soul searching on my own, I’ve decided to see a counselor.

Sadly, the past month my blogging has been near non-existent. I did
and didn’t miss it, a conflict.

Today when I signed on I checked The Word Press Reader and wow
instantly found a new blogger to me who’d shared a whoopie pie recipe,
a dessert I baked for family Christmas parties thirty plus years.

A short scroll and oh how I wish I could print out the excellent blogging
advice post.

After some careful organization and learning a few of the tips I read
earlier I shall return.

To those who celebrate I wish y’all a ‘Happy Halloween’!!