Social Media Creep

profile page stalker
social media unseen
grapevine creepazoid
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page admin observation

In the process of revamping my Word Press site, reluctantly I
reconnected it to my writing page over at Facebook.

Why the hesitation . . .

Approximately a year ago I deactivated the page with good reason
besides constant requests to purchase promo ads.

I’d found a creeper, a stalker who left some bizarre comments here on
my Word Press posts.

Thank the heavens for activation of privacy setting ‘approval needed’
on comments.

I’ve stated before how jealousy is a disease and what better way to
ruin another’s hard work than post some off-the-wall comments in
hopes the blogger’s followers would read them and form opinions.

A couple days into the reconnection I accessed the FB writing site.

A quick scroll and a discovery = someone read numerous current
posts yet failed to hit the like button nor leave a single comment.

In retrospect (stated before) jealousy is a disease and believe me
when I say, “You don’t want to be me.”

First thought ‘overthinking’ followed by second thought from years
of wisdom ‘possible reoccurrence’ in progress by same individual.