Sunday Poser #111

Q. When you reblog/share ~ do you ask permission or inform?
A. During my tenure on Blogosphere, I don’t recall ever doing either. 
If I did, I think I’d ask or inform though ~ take the initiative to practice 
‘Common Courtesy’.
Thoughts and feelings on this:
In today’s world of ‘screenshots’ and ‘screen recording’ one has no idea
what another’s intentions are with regard to a blogger’s content.
Technology allows folk worldwide to interact and personally I refrain from
airing dirty laundry facts since once published it remains on the internet
A few years ago, I remember finding a replica site chock full of numerous
bloggers’ content.
Scrolling the page inclusive was each blogger’s avatar and I for one never
gave anyone permission to transfer my posts. 
An eyeopener and surprise welcome to world of plagiarism.

Sunday Whirl Wordle No: 581

Today’s words:  walls, world, numb, touch, spilt, longing, own, burning, flame, gap, light, ashes

welcome to my world
prison sheetrock walls
skunk aroma penetrates
burning candle masks
cannabis smoke ups
soon flame turns to ashes
time another wax light
betwixt residences
own and rent increases
longing for turned numb
fragments touch life