Sunday Poser #111

Q. When you reblog/share ~ do you ask permission or inform?
A. During my tenure on Blogosphere, I don’t recall ever doing either. 
If I did, I think I’d ask or inform though ~ take the initiative to practice 
‘Common Courtesy’.
Thoughts and feelings on this:
In today’s world of ‘screenshots’ and ‘screen recording’ one has no idea
what another’s intentions are with regard to a blogger’s content.
Technology allows folk worldwide to interact and personally I refrain from
airing dirty laundry facts since once published it remains on the internet
A few years ago, I remember finding a replica site chock full of numerous
bloggers’ content.
Scrolling the page inclusive was each blogger’s avatar and I for one never
gave anyone permission to transfer my posts. 
An eyeopener and surprise welcome to world of plagiarism.

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