Trigger Word ~ Mother

mother, child’s parent
female blessed, bundle joy
fortunate unless
behaviorisms blur
desire nurture, neglect

Earlier I came across what appeared to be a truly nice post > mother’s admiration >
words of love, encouragement and support spoken to her child.
It triggered a plethora of emotions within me; overwhelmed a river of tears flowed.
Tis possible the wall of numbness toppled finally as I’m past tired from a week quite
ill with no assistance > still not feeling 100 percent.
I couldn’t bring myself to read the article > maybe later > another time > different day.
Throughout my childhood I never heard kind, loving words no matter the length I went
to please either parent.
It didn’t affect how I treated my own children rather I gave to them unconditional love.
Deceit, divorce and death left me a semi-emotional mess, trusting very few individuals.
Until I began my personal journey of self-awareness, I had no idea neglect was a form
of abuse from which children even in adulthood never truly recover.