JusJoJan 2023 ~ Day 8

today’s prompt:  friendship

A true friend is someone who listens, supports, stays in touch and on occasion
surprises you.
Men and women can maintain friendships such as I described briefly in words
True shame I friend-zoned a man I dated back in 2016.
Although I’d never given it a thought it was brought to my attention the strong
resemblance to former spouse.
We remained friends and dated platonically and to date he constantly surprises
me with his kindness.
A vase of pink roses bestowed upon me hand delivered by him to my apartment
door was quite a surprise.

The past four years this man placed a Christmas arrangement at my
daughter’s (a woman he’d never met) gravesite then texted me to
inform me and followed was a picture.


Throughout life I had a multitude of friends, some for the long haul and some
for a season.
Unfortunately, as one ages good friends depart, crossover hopefully to Heaven.

I treasure this man’s friendship for many reasons especially knowing each other’s
stories didn’t deter either of us from continuing communication.