Quadrille ~ Bold

today’s prompt:  bold

feeling miserable thanks Santa
flu, lovely Christmas present
coughs, sneezes, aches, fatigue
fifteen days forward semi-relief
incoming text gift certificate deletion
grandmother attempts fix sad situation
store reps broken English spoken
aggravation beyond belief experience
follow-up request boldness denies
scrapped certified idiot forehead banner


6 thoughts on “Quadrille ~ Bold

    1. I’m better ~ not ๐Ÿ’ฏ
      Back late November I had to open an account at a specific department store to access a baby registry.
      Interaction with chatbots is not pleasurable.
      I created an account then forwarded a gift certificate.
      Three days later I had to send a text to see if it was received in relative’s email.
      Younger generation doesn’t seem to follow protocol.
      I received a text early in my bout with the flu there was a problem > the confirmation email had been deleted. An access code is required and the app doesn’t always sync with the store site.
      I managed to make some progress with a CSRep and next day there was a replacement in MY email with directions to validate it on store site.
      I did that. The baby registry was no longer there. and although I’d asked before for an email address I never received one > doubtful I could have forwarded it that manner anyway.
      So, I added the $$ to my account to spend at a later date and sent an update text to the relative.
      I get back > created new registry > items wish me to purchase.
      My reply was ‘I’m done with the store.’ Send me your mailing address.
      Although I have it now the whole process soured me and I have yet to write a check.
      At my age I’ve grown tired of pleasing people who know you when they want some material stuff.
      One of my resolutions to myself this year was not to let another person disrespect me.
      If I sound crass, I apologize. There’s a whole history here (I give > others take).
      Geez, I wrote an entire blog post for an answer. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’ž

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      1. Sorry that happened. To me it’s hard to deal with stores and their ways of doing things, and confusing instructions. I’m really bad at saying what I mean on the telephone so I tend to just give up after awhile.

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