National Dark Chocolate Day

Hello Fellow Bloggers,
For the month of February, month of Love, I decided to blog a series
on ‘National Days’ from the first thru the twenty-eighth.
Most are not holidays found one’s regular yearly calendar, rather days
listed on calendars with days devoted to special topics.
Today, the first day of the month there were thirty-one (31) selections
from which to choose.
My original choice of the day to share was ‘Baked Alaska’, a dessert of
American origin according to ‘Wikipedia’.
I remembered this decadent dish viewed years ago while browsing the
dessert section of my ‘Betty Crocker Cookbook’ purchased with a
specific number booklets of ‘S & H Green Stamps’, a rewards program.
The dessert consists of three ingredients ice cream, sponge cake and
meringue, the topper quickly browned at a high temperature.
Unfortunately, I had to opt for a second choice this morning ‘National
Dark ChocolateΒ Day’ due to lack of finding a free picture to download of
beautifully plated ‘Baked Alaska’.
Dark chocolate, in my opinion, is bitter due to lack of added sweeteners.
However, it was my morsel choice whenever I baked chocolate chip cookies,
a family favorite.
Approximately 34% of Americans prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate
due to its ‘supposed’ health benefits.
Are you a Chocoholic??
Comments welcome!!

13 thoughts on “National Dark Chocolate Day

  1. Not really a chocoholic, more a chocolate snob. (lol) the only one I eat anymore is from a company called Righteous Cacao (no, I receive no remuneration for mentioning them). I buy their bites made with dark chocolate, coffee, and toasted quinoa. One a day works for me.

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  2. I just have to see a chocolate and can feel the Rolo impression taking off. I love chocolate, but surprisingly, not chocolate flavoured ice cream. It’s off the menu and shopping list now as what we liked has hiked in price.

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  3. I always like to hear what special days there are during the months. Chocolate is good, but not those cheap kinds. Doesn’t matter anyway, I can’t eat anything but sugar free. Some are okay. πŸ™‚

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  4. Chocolate by itself, with no sugar added, is some pretty awful-tasting stuff. I tried eating a square of Baker’s unsweetened chocolate once, and it was nothing like the experience of a Hershey bar. I do like dark chocolate, to which they add a minimum amount of sugar to make it palatable.

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    1. I’ve tasted the baking chocolate you mentioned and true there’s a huge difference.
      On occasion I’ll opt for some dark chocolate which as you state contains a minimum amount of sugar; however, I prefer milk chocolate. 😊

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