National Tater-Tot Day ~ Feb. 2nd

Today in the news one will definitely see articles on ‘Groundhog Day’
and the famous ‘Punxsutawney Phil, whose shadow seen or unseen,
according to folklore predicts whether there’ll be six (6) more weeks
to the winter season or an early spring.

A little research before breakfast led me to an article stating the accuracy
of this prediction being rather low, 39% during a period of 135 years.

Today I chose ‘National Tater-Tot Day’, one of several other national
days celebrated on February 2nd.

Tater-Tots are cylindrical tasty nuggets produced from the shredded leftovers
when manufacturing French Fries. Two choices, classic and seasoned, can be
found in the freezer section of one’s local supermarket.

In 1934 three men, 2 brothers and their brother-in-law, came up with a genius
idea of how to use the overabundant waste previously fed to cattle and so the
origination of Tater-Tots.

They bake well and often are considered a household staple. One can use them
in a casserole, as a side dish or even a snack.

Observance of ‘National Tater-Tot Day’ came into existence beginning year 2009.

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