National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day ~ Feb. 4th

According to some statistics United States ranks first in ice cream
consumption worldwide.
Vanilla is the most popular flavor of over 1,000 offered selections.
Several breakfast choices are the norm for most folk.
1. eggs with bacon
2. cereal or oatmeal
3. stack of pancakes with butter and syrup
4. two slices toast, coffee
5. muffin (homemade or store-bought), coffee

Would you choose ice cream for breakfast and celebrate this national day?
Today the answer would be a polite ‘no thanks’.

Thinking back to high school days each morn before class I was a regular
customer at the corner variety store – a vanilla frappe plus 3 jelly donuts
please and thanks.

The answer then would’ve been ‘of course’.

Arctic Blast

Yesterday at 2:35 p.m. the county of the state I reside in issued a ‘Severe Weather Alert’.
Aware of the impending Arctic Blast I started to prepare days ahead for a weekend indoors.
I don’t remember when or if temperatures were ever this low and news did state the
numbers likely would be record-breaking.
Outdoors the sound was that of a passing freight train as the wind howled into the
late hours of Friday night.
Around midnight I finally fell asleep wondering to myself what I’d awaken to come
Saturday morning.
Three and 1/2 hours later I awoke to find the power still on and the water still trickling
from the kitchen faucet.
I thanked the Lord for utilities often taken for granted in life.
This is far from my first weather-related rodeo. I’ve experienced severe weather in
different forms and endured the aftermaths.
Blizzards, hurricanes and severe thunderstorms are storms most popular in my area.
The temperature outdoors – 8 (minus eight) degrees. My cell phone weather app states
a slight drop to – 9 (minus nine) degrees for Saturday’s sunrise (6:52 a.m.).
By 10 a.m. the temperature will be single digit (4 degrees) continuing to rise
throughout the day ending in single digits (16 degrees) at sunset.
The indoor temperature of my apartment varies from room to room.
Curious to find the temperature differential I brought my 2.2-inch mini hygrometer
inro the room where I access my laptop.
Within minutes it registered a difference of 10 (ten) degrees.
And here I sit facing my creepie-peepie wearing one of my hand crocheted beanies
typing weather-related info.