Time to Talk Day ~ Feb. 6th

Today’s choice of National Days, ‘Time to Talk Day’ deals with mental health

In 2014 this day was created by the social movement ‘Time to Change’ following
decades of misinformation on mental illness and improper treatment of sufferers,
forgotten members of society.

Unlike heart disease or diabetes social stigma is attached to mental illness.
Disapproval by society appears to be the main reason a person continues to
struggle with their feelings, keeps them bottled up and refuses to seek treatment.

Presently depression and anxiety rank high on the list of mental health disorders.

‘Time of Talk Day’ brings forth the importance of reaching out to others,
encourages people to become more honest with themselves, subdue fear
and thoughts of social stigma attached to mental illness.

The journey to mental wellness begins whenever one takes a giant leap
forward entrusting another with their issues, a decision crucial to the
emotional healing process.

A listening ear and words of encouragement go a long way in helping
those afflicted by mental illness.

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