The Sunday Whirl No: 591

today’s words:  released – disappeared – paper – status – show -air – strip – bright – switch – firm – vision – minute

Newspaper headlines stated the felon, released from prison earlier
today on good behavior status, wasted no time creating a ruckus
this afternoon at the local sold-out air show.
What was the man thinking?
Did he assume his vision would go unseen by the spectators too
busy watching the aerobatics?
All eyes on the flight path the man on the bleachers took a firm stance.
And then it happened – an altercation betwixt him and a much younger
As he quickly made his way to the clear landing strip void of any bright
lights, I couldn’t help but wonder if the word ‘disappeared’ had become
a major part of his vocabulary while behind prison bars.
Tis true aviation events attract tourism; however, I’d never given an iota
of thought to such a sequence of irrational behavior.
Reality: ‘It only takes a minute for a person to switch moods.

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