Mystery Caller

This morn one of my cell phones showed 3 incoming calls from the same number
at same time.
2:53 a.m.
Who calls at this hour?
This definitely must’ve been a wrong number.
Area code states ‘not a toll-free number’ a.k.a. legitimate one.
Um, mystery continues; detective grannie needs to do more research.
I’m aware of the ‘one ring scam’ and the ‘callback’ which earns the
initial caller cash.
Thus, I never reply to unrecognized numbers nor texts.
I’m thankful I turn off, silence the phones at a reasonable hour.
‘Do not disturb ole grannie.’
Noon hour and still perplexed I decided to call myself to check
the voicemail storage box.
I listened to the recording I’d made ages ago and thought, ‘OMG,
small wonder anyone who called would call back a few more
times consecutively.
In an attempt to be humorous, I’d stated, “You have reached the number
of Grandma Moses, please leave a message.”
If you are unaware this famous lady at the advanced age of 78 took
her painting more seriously and began a successful career in Art.
She’s an inspiration to follow of the adage ‘never too old, never give up.’

National Pizza Day – Feb. 9th

The birth of ‘pizza’ in the United States dates back to year 1904 with newcomers,
Italian immigrants.

Pizza, once considered a poor man’s meal, today is consumed by approximately
three billion people annually in the states.

The average cost for pizza ranges from $7.25 upwards to high end $15.00.  The
price charged often is determined by the eatery (exclusive restaurant versus local

The top ten toppings of pizza are:
1.  pepperoni
2. mushrooms
3. onions
4. sausage
5. bacon
6. extra cheese
7. black olives
8. green peppers
9. pineapple
And number ten on the list is ‘spinach’.

Of the above, numbers 2, 7 and 10 lack appeal for me. Although I wouldn’t consider
myself a meat-lover, I’d opt for pepperoni, green peppers and extra cheese for toppers.

A few years ago while attending a ‘free’ local Bingo event sponsored by one of the
finest funeral parlors, I had the opportunity to try a slice of Hawaiian Pizza, a 1962
Canadian invention.  A new pizza menu selection for me ham ‘n pineapple  absolutely
yummie so much so I made my way to the buffet table and treated myself to a second slice.

Celebrate this National Day > indulge in your personal preference > grab a slice or
share a pie > ENJOY!!