Ageism – Questions

What are manufacturers thinking of when their product requires
immense strength to open?

Thankful for inexpensive jar grippers found in dollar stores
and often free at health fairs.

Why are expiration dates on food items difficult to find and the
print due to size hard to read?

Over the weekend it took me approximately five minutes to find
the date on a packet of cookies and I had to resort to usage of a
magnifying glass.

Today honest attempts to remain positive in a negative world
which apparently cares less about the senior population is quite
an achievement.

Heart-to-heart self-talk:  “Yes, I can!”

National Self-Love Day – Feb. 13th

Twenty-seven selections and I chose topic close to heart – ‘ME’.

Self-love is NOT the same as being ‘selfish’.

Self-love, one of six main types of love, dates back to ancient Greece.

Self-love is a positive trait that definitely helps a person succeed in life.

Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, a day of enjoyment for happy couples can be

a most miserable day wrecking a single person’s self-confidence.

Self-love, appreciation of oneself, can be achieved by thinking positive


A wonderful beginning to each day, a freshly brewed cup of coffee, a

confidence boost – no negative thoughts – no regrets – healthy mindset.