National Ferris Wheel Day – Feb. 14th

The archetype of the Ferris wheel ‘Chicago Ferris Wheel’, designed
and constructed by George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., dates back
to 1893.

This legacy model took two years from design to finish and was the
landmark for the 1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition in Chicago, IL.

The Chicago Wheel was referred to as the US version of the Paris
Eiffel Tower.

The cost of construction of this amusement ride containing over a
thousand parts back in 1893 was approximately $700,000. Wow!

Two hundred sixty-four (264) feet in height this Ferris wheel had
36 gondolas with glass locked doors. Passenger accommodations
limit was 60 (two-thirds seated and one-third standing).

The cost for a 20-minute ride was 50 cents.

Fast forward:

The largest Ferris wheel in North America ‘High Roller’ stands
550 feet tall.
Located in Las Vegas it opened to the public back on March 31st
One revolution takes 30 minutes to complete.
According to an internet search the cost of daytime tickets to ride
in one of its’ 28 spacious cabins (Adults $23.50 – Youth $8.50).

Observation wheels ‘Ferris wheels’ found all over the world at
carnivals, festivals, and amusement parks are a ride definitely
NOT for anyone who fears heights nor the ‘faint of heart’.