Do a Grouch a Favor Day – Feb. 16

Synonymous with the word ‘grouch’, a pessimist, a constant complainer, a
mood dampener could benefit from a favor. This might take a great deal of
creative thinking though ‘how to change a frown to a smile on a person who
is anti-fun, extremely grumpy’.

The majority of us know someone who fits the description in our life be it a
relative, neighbor, friend, co-worker, etc.

This character trait is quite common.

Reflection on this trait, ancient Greek plays featured a grouchy character to
amuse the audience.

Due to his progressive hearing loss which began in his mid-20s, Ludwig Van
Beethoven, the famous German composer and pianist, became a recalcitrant.

Oscar the Grouch, the green furry monster who lived in a trash can appeared
on the well-known children’s TV series, ‘Sesame Street’ educational program.

Today’s world promotes positivity thru self-help books and cell phone apps
designed to find inner peace.

How would you do a grouch a favor and place a smile on their grumpy face?

Suggestions welcome. 🙂😂