Fibbing Friday-Feb. 17

Today’s prompt consists of 10 words to define via fibs.

 Bumfuzzle – rotating lazy Susan
2. Gardyloo – guard dog, thief’s  surprise
3. Taradiddle – gal who drank too much
4. Snickersnee – torn jeans sportin’ melted chocolate
5. Bumbershort – bummer, date under 5′ tall
6. Snollygoster – ultra-soft tissue for boogers
7. Brouhaha – applause ‘you lost bro’
8. Wabbit –  shopping haul
9. Pandiculation – social gathering of giant bears
And No: 10. Borborygm – out of style exercise gear

National Cabbage Day-Feb. 17

Cabbage, a cruciferous vegetable, has been around for thousands of years.
Usage of cabbage dates back to 4000 B.C. originating in Asia.
Jacques Cartier, a French explorer, planted it in Canada on his third voyage
to North America, year 1541.

The following vegetables are considered to be part of the cabbage family.
1. bok choy
2. broccoli
3, brussels sprouts
4, cauliflower
5. kale
6. kohlrabi

The world production of cabbage and other species of the cabbage family
edges near 69 million tons with China accounting for approximately 48%.

World Cabbage Day made its debut in 1999 when mentioned in a Canadian
newspaper, “The Village Windsor”.

Countless recipes exist on how to prepare this versatile green vegetable.
1. raw – cole slaw
2. cooked – various methods
3. fermented for use at later date

Studies report cabbage to be heart healthy.
Its’ nutrients possibly ward off inflammation, help improve one’s digestion
and may assist in lowering blood pressure.

Children are known to be picky eaters who baulk at eating their vegetables
which often wind up in the trash.
I’m not at all surprised cabbage made the list of the top ten foods most
disliked by kids.