SoCS-Feb. 18th

Today’s prompt:  use a word that starts with ‘pro’

Anyone whom I’ve become friends with during my
tenure on Blogosphere would never sink to the level
of attempting in any manner to destroy me.

Beware of new fake friends.

Opposite of the narcissist, I’ve always been kind,
genuine and honest.

It’s become obvious to me we all don’t play by the
same rules.

I have no room in my life for an iota of negativity from
absolute strangers.

When I look in the mirror the gal looking back is very
proud of her life’s accomplishments.

Below please find a few quotes collected here and there.

Great Backyard Bird Count Day-Feb. 18

Today, February 18th 2023, begins four consecutive days of birdwatching.
The cost of this global event is ‘free’.
Participants come from all walks of life to count birds.

To prepare for this celebration all one needs is a good eye, pair of
binoculars (optional), a favorite place, a journal and leisure time.

Approximately 10K (ten thousand) species of birds exist in the world.
Birds range in size from the miniature Bee Hummingbird to the
tallest, heaviest common Ostrich.
Found in every corner of the earth, continent Antartica inclusive,
birds come in every shade of the rainbow.
Some are monochrome, varying tones of one color, while others
show vibrant multi-colors.

This weekend if you are a person who loves nature, be sure to
pencil in some time (few or several hours) on your calendar to
participate in this fun event.

Time to reconnect with The Great Outdoors.