World Whale Day-Feb. 19

Yearly on the third Sunday of February appreciation is shown
for the large aquatic mammal ‘the whale‘¬†inhabitant of our
world’s oceans and an important part of our ecosystem.

This special day of celebration of whales began in Maui, Hawaii
year 1980 to honor the humpback whale and raise awareness to
its possible extinction in the future.

The Maui Whale Festival is a free event which attracts crowds of
people who enjoy watching a most impressive parade of lovely
floats and costumed characters.
Also offered are children’s events and a wide variety of musical
entertainment Hawaiian, etc.

Whales range in size from the ‘tooth dwarf sperm’ measuring between
6′ 7″ – 8′ 10″ to the full-grown ‘blue whale’ length 98 feet, largest on

Whales are magnificent creatures.

In 1946 a moratorium was put in place limiting the annual catch.

Sadly, throughout the years there’s been a decline in the health of
oceans due to pollution.

To save the whales we humans need to educate ourselves more and
reexamine our behavioral patterns.

To celebrate ‘World Whale Day’ look for educational programs, a
whale watch tour or an art exhibit in honor of our ocean’s grandiose