National Pancake Day-Feb 21st

A stack of pancakes, a batter-made breakfast, contains ingredients flour, milk,
eggs, oil or butter. Variations can be found in the majority of cultures.

Synonymous names for pancakes are griddle cakes, hotcakes and Johnnycakes.

Pancakes date back to the Stone Age and appear to be the oldest breakfast in

On record the largest pancake ever made was from the UK flipped by a pair
of cranes in 1994.
It measured 49.3 feet in width.
The one-inch-thick monster cake weighed a whopping three tons and holds the
Guinness world record.

This delicious meal is served with various toppings ranging from maple syrup,
fruit or berries to ‘yes’ even whipped cream.

Today in observance of National Pancakes Day drop by your local IHOP
restaurant, enjoy a free stack of Buttermilk pancakes. Upon leaving tis a
favorable gesture to offer up a monetary contribution which goes to local

Recommendation – do a quick Google search to check if this offer is
available in your local area.