National Toast Day-Feb. 23

Love for scorched bread ‘toast’ is universal.

Egyptians invented the first closed oven for leavened bread.

The electric toaster dates back to 1893.

In 1912 pre-sliced  bread  came into existence with the original
automated  bread slicer.

The word ‘toast’ originated from the Latin word, ‘tostum’ reference
burned or scorched bread.

Worldwide it’s a staple found in near all households likely prepped
using the most popular toaster available, the pop-up.

Toast is known for having a healthy mix.  Warm toasted bread can be
found in meals prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The first observance of National Toast Day took place in the UK in

Spreads for toast range from butter and jam to healthy avocado, even
mashed banana.

How do you like your toast?

Comments welcome. 🙂🙂