Fibbing Friday-Feb. 24th

Today’s prompt instructions – make up definitions for familiar words.

1. silicone – extra-silky ice cream snack

2. fluff – confectionery marshmallow comforter

3. loofah – singing John

4. caddy – golfer’s money chest

5. pedantic – boring classroom nerd

6. tangent – a bronzed male statue

7. muffler – thick, over-sized silencer

8. calamity – disagreement betwixt food-prep employees

9. archive – newly hired file clerk’s dilemma

And No: 10:  fortify – flexible hour airline’s scheduled time arrival
or departure

National Tortilla Chip Day-Feb. 24

Tortilla chips have become quite popular as a social snack.

The origin dates back to the 1940s, an automated workline
and rejected repurposed tortillas.

In 2003 the state of Texas designated tortilla chips its favorite

Today this tasty corn treat is available for sale in a variety of
selections and styles from thin and crisp to restaurant-style.

Tostitos tortilla chips are offered in forty-four (44) different

 Homemade recipes can now be found online for baked and 
fried tortilla chips.

Guacamole dip and salsa are the two most popular tasty dips
served with this chip or crisp made from baked corn tortillas.

To celebrate today munch away or nibble on a serving (depends
on size) count 10 – 15 chips.