The Sunday Whirl Wordle #594

Today’s words:  steal-joyous-garden-steam-fall-feet-space-creeping-free-locks-seems-stars

Annually the same old same old annoyances.
Those dang underground vines ‘hearty weeds’ invade the
allotted space reserved for floral growth in the old woman’s
quaint garden.
To her it seems the crowd of creeping crawlers pay nightly
visits to the mass floral border to steal life from all her delicate
She’s aware she’ll never truly be free from them.
Furious, the old woman lets down her lovely locks then proceeds to
let off steam.
A few feet away stands a friendly neighbor viewing the lovely night
sky filled with sparkling stars.
As she approaches him, he suddenly remembers how their last
conversation turned into a face-to-face altercation when the old
woman became a tad irate.
Best cut star-gazing short this evening and head indoors for fear the
old woman will lash out again directing her anger in the wrong direction.
His thoughts turn to:  ‘no thanks’, ‘no way’, ‘not in the mood’ to take the fall
for pesky groundcover.
Sad, her once joyous hobby now more of a task drove a wedge between two

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