SoCS: September 17th

Today’s prompt:  ‘ring’

It’s a bit sad whenever reminiscing the simplicity of yesteryears.
Do you miss the sound of the landline phones – hear the ring?
I do.
Cell phones, technology’s replacement, to me at times are a mere
Do you like those constant notification dings from early morn to
whatever time you turn your phone off at night?
I don’t particularly care for them.
I’m aware you can shut them off; however, most people keep them
And lo and behold you can set individual ringtones for different folks.
You’ll know who the caller is and choose to accept or allow the call to
go to voicemail.
You’re in traffic and you hear the assigned ring from a friend, do you
answer it?
If you’re smart, you’ll choose to keep your eyes on the road.
I pretend I’m back-in-the-day when away from home I wasn’t bothered
with constant ring, ding and ring.

SoCS: September 3rd

This week’s prompt: ‘why’

one-word question, ‘why
acknowledgements fantastic
wisdom awareness

From youthful high school days, I remember the words one English teacher
shared with her class, basic knowledge on writing favorable outstanding essays.

Ironically, these same words appeared in an extremely helpful app I utilize
for writing assistance when I tapped on the similar words portion and typed
in the word ‘why‘.

Imagine my surprise to read the following quote: “A good article will cover the
who, the what, the when, the where, the ‘why‘ and the how.”

Before I close a little ‘down memory lane’ humor . . .


consistent question
determined children ask ‘why’
game or knowledge search
interesting fun ’til Mom’s
because I said so, that’s why


Six Sentence Story ~ 223

prompt:  path

It’s a new morn, another scorcher, summer 2022’s forever heatwave.
I stack my daily supply of 8-ounce bottles of water to consume
throughout the day on the kitchen table which shows dire need of
sanding, stain and sealant.
Uninterested in normal staging for a photo I snapped the camera
and the picture reveals bottled H2o atop a bare table void of usual
placemats or tablecloth to hide one more project on my bucket list.

Time to write a post I set my cell phone down to the left of me on the
computer desk.
I assume I hit somewhere on the phone by accident because my photos
without warning continually swiped from left to right then stopped on
one containing a reminder message for me, a task I dread which needs
to be done with correct selective words.

I admit this morning’s experience freaked me out, yet it also instilled
the memorandum of a most sad imperative undertaking  still ahead
for me to succeed on the path from title, ‘IWannaBe’ to actual
attaining the goal I’ve set for myself.

SoCS ~ July 30th

This week’s prompt words: wash/awash

Once her daily quota, three machine loads of wash,
were hung on the clothesline to dry it was time to pack
a lunch and head to the beach area of her summer residence.

From the comforts of her lounge chair the young mother
peering thru her expensive sunglasses for several hours
kept a watchful eye on her three children playing close
to the awash.

Three Things Challenge ~ M40

This week’s theme: music
Today’s words:  melody – harmony – song

The harmony from one of the avatar characters videos I created
this week appears to be stored in my musical memory bank. 

Over and over the repeated words ‘two birds on a wire – one says
c’mon and the other says I’m tired’ from the song I chose for the
video emitted from my mouth during and following my evening

Although my ears enjoyed the melody which appeared to keep
me in an upbeat mode, I do wonder ’bout the significance of
both the words of the popular song and this odd happenstance.