42 Words ~ No:247 ~ flummox

weekend prompt: flummox = to confuse, to fluster, to flabbergast

Tired social media ‘we’ – no hugs two years led to decision renew

membership dating site.

Immediately, an influx of likes – messages.

One flummoxed me – status ‘separated’.

Response from automatic red flag, (drama):

“My wife and I have an agreement = no interference.”



42 Words #17

Today’s prompts – morbid / lost

Prepped healthy breakfast
Me, myself and I – feeling lost
Another day alone face
Refrain complain happiness fake
Divorce unfortunate myriad loss
Ninety degrees heat remain indoors
Genetics – counseling – society’s views
Health crisis social distancing
God-awful morbid thoughts 

Fearful history repeat Agoraphobic outcome

42 Words #17